The first thing that Pep did after qualifiying to the semi finals : asking about Barca. When he knew that they were out , he was chocked like receiving fresh water.
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Gerard Pique et Shakira avec Milan arrivent à la fête d’anniversaire de Lia Fabregas , le 10 Avril

"Cesc is a different type of midfielder we usually see at Barça. He always adapts, he can score and he’s good for the team. He’s an extraordinary and very versatile player who can play in the midfield or as a forward. He’s capable of giving assists, come in for the follow-up play and get in the area and score." for cescismyhusband.

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Barça, Barça, Barçaaa!

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Congratulations love for renewing! #happy #love #DYLAN❤️